When it comes to soft play high quality sponge is essential for child safety. Here at Foamline we aim to supply an unbeatable sponge product for exactly that purpose. Our sponge provides just the right amount of padding and softness to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

We can manufacture sponge to fit any bespoke design. It is an excellent floor and wall covering making it ideal padding for children’s soft play areas. It can also be used a soft filling for large floor toys. Aside from soft play venues our sponge also makes an excellent crash surface for climbing walls, martial arts, sports centres and school gyms.

Our sponge also plays an important role in improving the quality of life for children and adults with special needs. It can provide an essential health & safety feature in both professional care and domestic settings. Common uses for our sponge includes padding for furniture, doors, floors and walls but it is a suitable cover for anything that could potentially be an impact hazard.

If you are looking for sponge for any purpose, whether you are a reseller or manufacturer, contact Foamline today.

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Soft Play Sponge

Soft Play Sponge


• Post pads / Wall pads • Floors / Doors padded • Wet rooms
• Safe areas • Living areas • Crash / Judo mats
• Foam settees • Gym mats • Pitch side wedges
• Crash mats for Film/TV stunts & props