For vehicle cleaning you need a sponge that can go the distance. We produce a wide range of sponges suitable for all manner of car cleaning. We offer jumbo sized sponges with high durability and excellent absorbency; safe to use with any brand of wash detergent.

Our sponges are hard wearing and long lasting. They are suitable for all vehicle surface including painted exterior metal, alloy wheels, glass windows and mirrors. Designed with the car owner in mind, these sponges have just the right density with minimal risk of marking the paintwork.

Whether you are a domestic vehicle owner, a professional car wash or in charge of a commercial fleet; our car wash sponges will never let you down.

If you are looking for sponge for any purpose, whether you are a reseller or manufacturer, contact Foamline today.

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Car Wash Sponges

Car Wash Sponges