Novelty Sponges! Summer is here! Ice-cream anyone?

Novelty Sponges! Summer is here! Ice-cream anyone? The perfect summer sponge to lather yourself with. Ideal for parties, gift bags, wedding favours or for any special occasion. Kids or the young at heart love them! Shop with us now at or alternatively email us if you have a design idea in mind.

Xmas Tree

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is Coming! Now that Halloween is over we can get excited for Santa! We can create all different types of sponge/foam design in exciting Christmas colours. Table top decorations, novelty sponges to put in your children’s Christmas Eve box. Just let us know what you desire.


Equestrian Grooming Sets!

Equestrian Grooming Sets! Our funky hands and feet sponge sets are ideal for horse/animal grooming. The five pack set ensures that every area of the animal is hygienically cleaned and cared for. Please contact us for this fantastic set at excellent prices.